Fabricating house beams, large or small

At Lightning Bolt Engineering we are asked to fabricate house beams, large or small to provided engineering specifications.

We custom make any type of steel beams to create optimised steel structures for factories and warehouses, large or small.

We can work with your design engineers to fabricate the right beam for your project.

We are your local engineering team who is able to assist with any project you need.

house beams


“I engaged Ron & his team initially for a number of one-off projects aimed at assessing their ability to meet my exacting standards. I am still using Lightning Bolt’s services to this day. I get the job done on time, at the quoted price & to the quality & accuracy required.”

Roy Halfpenny, John Bull Footwear

“I have been associated with Lightning Bolt Engineering Ltd since the 1990s. I have always appreciated their professional service and backup to the marine repair industry with which I am involved.

Ron and his team practice what they preach, good quality workmanship, the ability to get the job completed especially when the pressure is on and the job must be finished on time to meet the requirements of the customer.”

John Cherrington, Waterside Engineering Services Ltd